Welcome to the homepage of the Advanced Energy Innovations Lab!

Mechanical Engineering Department, University of Utah

The mission of our group is to pioneer new technologies that will improve the energy future of society. In particular, we are focused on discovering new materials and designs that will enhance the performance and sustainability of energy storage technologies.



January 2017 – Takara Truong is a Spring 2017 Undergraduate Research Opportunities Program (UROP) Awardee. Congratulations Takara!

September 2016 – Takara Truong and Sean Lund join the AEIL as undergraduate researchers. Welcome Takara and Sean!

June 2016 – Nolan Ingersoll joins the AEIL!

May 2016 – Virginia Diaz joins the AEIL!

January 2016 – Dr. Warren presented her work on a macroporous, “resistive-capacitive” model for supercapacitor design optimization at the 29th IEEE Micro Electro Mechanical Systems conference in Shanghai.