ME EN 7960: Fundamentals of Nanofabrication

Clean room photoME EN 7960 is a new graduate-level course developed by Professor Roseanne Warren that introduces students to fundamental processes involved in the fabrication of nanoscale materials, structures, and devices. In addition, the course explores issues related to nanofabrication process scale-up (e.g. from lab to industrial scale), including process robustness, throughput, yield, and economic considerations. A lab component provides students with hands-on exposure to several nanofabrication techniques available at the University of Utah Nanofab. Fundamentals of Nanofabrication builds on concepts covered in Micromachining, including basic principles of semiconductor materials, lithography, etching, and deposition.

ME EN 7960 is offered every alternating Spring semester (Next offering: Spring 2024)SEM photo

Lecture Topics

  1. Top-down fabrication techniques, including: direct write laser lithography, extreme UV lithography, tip-based lithography, nanoscale 3D printing, electron-beam lithography, focused ion beam lithography, nanoimprint lithography, nanoscale transfer printing, electrohydrodynamic printing
  2. Bottom-up and self-assembly techniques, including: ALD, block-copolymer lithography, Langmuir-Blodgett self-assembly, colloidal lithography, and electrochemical nanofabrication
  3. Design of experiments for process controlincluding experimental design and analysis using JMP statistical software.

Lab Topics

Heidelberg 66+ Direct Laser Write Lithography

Heidelberg1  Heidelberg2

NanoFrazor Thermal Scanning Probe Lithography (including Gwyddion SPM software)


Nanoscribe Two-Photon Direct Laser Write 3D Printing

vader_001  vader_side

Focused Ion Beam Lithography


Electron Beam Lithography (including 3D Monte Carlo Simulations)

E-beam_001  E-beam_016  E-beam_CASINO

Atomic Layer Deposition

SEM/TEM Imaging